8 Ways to reduce stress for students

In every level of education, students experience more or less stress and pressure. It is very common in everyone’s life. Several courses at a time, exams, homework, social challenges, homesickness, etc. are some common factors that make a student worried. In many cases, students struggle to adjust heavy schedules and deadlines demanded from their institutions.

The ongoing pressure and tension throughout the year make a student stressed and anxious. This stress can give rise to serious depression and sadness. This might badly affect one’s both health and mind.
Therefore, every student should know how to balance between work and study to get a healthy and happy life. So, without wasting any time go through this article to know some helpful tips on how to reduce stress for students.

Ways to reduce stress for students


Doing an exercise or participating in different kinds of sports helps to reduce stress and allows us to have a fresh and cheerful mind. Walking thirty minutes daily or everyday workout helps to feel better.

Besides, doing yoga, meditation, cycling, and chilling with friends and family will help a student to have a positive mood throughout the day and can enjoy their life more happily.

Healthy diet

This is one of the most important aspects of every student’s life if they want to lead a healthy life. Many students like to take junk food rather than a healthy diet. But everyone should know that a balanced diet helps to boost energy and brainpower.

Taking green vegetables and fruits enriched with vitamin C helps to make the immune system more strong and effective. On the other hand, taking street food or junk food like pizza, burger makes you fat and bulky. And gradually you might become more inactive and unhealthy which can badly affect your life and study.

Sleeping well

Sleeping can be the best medicine for you to increase your productivity and energy. Even a thirty minutes nap makes one more calm and relieved. In many cases we see that students packed with heavy schedules and deadlines put themselves in a sleepless and restless state.

But it is very harmful for both body and mind. So, it’s necessary to sleep at least 7-9 hours daily. A night of good sleep can make your mind cheerful and also reduces the stress level to learn quickly.

In this generation students are more attracted to various social media platforms. They spend a great amount of time on Facebook, email, games, texts and phone calls. The addiction to smartphones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets can make a student more careless and inattentive.

Time management

Many students don’t know how to reduce tension in the exam. The key factor to reduce tension and stress of the exam is to use time wisely. Setting up a daily schedule of your study is necessary to complete your lessons and homework properly.

Every student should maintain a daily routine for studying, sleeping and doing exercise. Also one should not forget to make time for relaxing and socializing.

Sometimes, many people among us push things at the last minute which can make one more tensed and worried. So, always try not to leave work for future and do it instantly when you are free and relaxed.

Get organized

Having a proper system of organization and keeping track of all the notes, assignments and lessons is one of the best and effective ways to reduce stress for students. Being organized can keep oneself relieved and free from tension.

Disorganization and clutter can have a negative effect on your results and makes a student more tired and worried. So, make your study room organized and clean and so you can easily find your books, notes, assignments and other materials easily. This helps to save your time and encourages you to study quickly and effectively.

learning techniques

If a student knows how his learning style then it becomes quite easy to reduce tension while studying. From research it is found that every student has his own style of reading and learning. Learning styles vary from person to person.

Reading or learning style of a visual learner is quite different from an auditory learner. So, in that case you need to find your own learning style otherwise, you may fall behind while studying. A quick learner can easily attain success and achieve good grades in their exams.

Positive thinking

An optimist always tends to have better relationships and healthier life. A positive minded person always leads a successful and stress-less life. Losing patience in times of failure can make a student more stressed and frazzled.

Therefore, a student should always try to develop a strong sense of optimism and must avoid bad habits of thinking negatively all the time. Negativity always leads to depression and anxiety.

Spending time with family & friends

Always keeping oneself busy in study is not productive and fruitful. Rather than take a break and leave some time for yourself. Also spend time with your family and friends and this will help to create a better and healthy relationship with them.

Go outside and enjoy with your friends. This will help to breathe fresh air which automatically removes all the tension and worries from one’s mind.


Many stress management techniques and relaxation techniques are here to reduce stress for students. A regular exercise, walking, laughing, and journaling in your daily life can make you more confident and strong.
It’s not necessary to take life so seriously all the time. All we need to do is to take a break and make time for ourselves. And that’s how a student can progress by relieving all the stress and tension.

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