Why Is Learning So Hard: How Can You Overcome This Issue?

From birth to death, we learn all over our life. As learning is a very long process, we spend a lot of time on this. Usually or sometimes we find learning as very hard. However, Why does learning seem so hard for us? 

Well, the basic matter is that our brain doesn’t like to learn new knowledge or skills because it loses energy but our brain likes to pass time idly without doing anything.

Why does learning feel hard?

The feeling is a changing thing. Some people find learning Microsoft Excel very hard. On the other hand, some people operate Microsoft Excel like playing games.

But there is a general concept and that is our brain likes to keep idle without doing anything. At the beginning of learning a new matter, you will face a huge number of difficulties. But after a certain time, you will enjoy the journey.

How can you overcome the issue if you find learning hard?

If you find learning very hard, you can overcome these issues by following these tips serially. 

  • Fix a Small goal of learning for you and specify the goal to achieve 
  • Make a draft and take notes so that you can give a look daily 
  • Study at least 30 minutes daily. It will help you to learn in a sustainable way
  • Ask questions to the teacher or google when stuck but never stop learning 
  • Discuss with other classmates because they can give you more details 
  • Connect the information or examples with the real world. It will help you to understand 
  • Practice regularly and give yourself tests 

What is the best age to learn?

There is no fixed answer to the question. But there is a general answer provided by the researchers. 8 to 13 is the best age to learn new things. As children are identified as quick learners, the previous statement can be correct. 

What is the most difficult part of learning?

There are a lot of difficult parts of learning but undoubtedly understanding is the most difficult part of learning. It does not matter how much time you give to learn the topic. If you don’t understand the basic concepts, you won’t be able to learn things. 

What issues do students face?

There are a huge number of issues that students face in learning. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Discrimination

Discrimination is one of the cruelest barriers to learning. When a student sees that the teacher is giving more facilities to his classmates and depriving him of his right, he will lose his motivation. 

Discrimination is a global problem that hinders the normal learning process. It is also visible in the United States! 

2. Poverty

Almost all countries in Africa and some countries in Asia are going through very poor lives. The GDP of Burundi is below 500 dollars. This amount isn’t sufficient for food let alone study! 

People in these countries like Burundi can take neither physical nor virtual education. For this, poverty is considered one of the worst barriers to learning.  

3. Abuse and harassment

Not only in underdeveloped and developing countries but also in developed countries, students face abuse and harassment in their schools and community for their race, color, or ethnic identity.

Friends are known as the help zone for each other. But in this modern era, students are harassed and abused by classmates for their clan, color, ethnic identity, or race. It plays a vital negative impact on their learning.

5. Lack of Confidence

To learn something, you have to have enough confidence. If you thought in the initial stage that you won’t be successful in learning the topic, you will fail to complete your topic. 

On the other hand, if you have enough confidence you will be a quick learner and the learning process will be easy.

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Why do you feel too lazy to study?

Men are naturally lazy in characteristics, especially from the perspective of the study. The top reasons for feeling lazy in studying are given below. 

Study Plan

You can conquer the whole world if you can make a perfect plan. If you don’t make a good study plan, you will lose your target and you will be too lazy to study. 


Place plays a vital role in our study. If you can ensure a good reading room or library facilities, you can study smoothly. Otherwise, your focus will be diverted and you will feel lazy.

Easy Task

Make a to-do list for your daily study. Keep some easy tasks on your list so that you can feel the journey very easy. If you think that the journey is challenging, you will feel too lazy to study.


Each and every person wants to get rewarded. If you don’t reward yourself, you will lose your motivation to study and will be lazy. 


What time of day is your brain the sharpest?

Generally speaking, there is no accurate answer to this question but normally the brain works smoothly after a good night’s sleep. But several studies show a result that our brain works best in the middle of the day.

At what age do you learn the fastest?

Maybe you have passed the age when you can learn very fast. Children can learn faster than young or old men. In this sense, age 02 to 07 is the best age to learn fast.

At what age does learning become more difficult?

After the age of 25, the plasticity of the brain solidifies. For this, we find learning very hard. As it feels difficult and takes more time, we lose our interest in learning. 

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There is a common proverb that slow but steady wins the race. In the field of learning, you have to keep your focus fixed on your target. 

On the other hand, you have to be a very steady person in learning when you will find it difficult.

Is learning so hard for you? Just start learning and then it will be easy. You should start learning at this moment without spending your single moment idle. 

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