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8 Construction Labor Tracking Software That May Help You A Lot!

If you want to get an excellent solution for managing your workforce without any trouble in a construction company, then there is no alternative to using construction labor tracking software.

Surprisingly, the labor tracking software is able to help you in every aspect of your work. Additionally, it can be life-saving software for you as an employee/owner of a construction.

Let’s explore the construction labor tracking software together!

What is labor tracking software?

Labor tracking software is designed for the construction industry to track its workforce easily. Moreover, it is very popular in the construction sector because it can scan your employees’ data in a digital way.

You will be able to see the productivity of your labor during their work time. The software will provide every information about your workforce. As a result, you can handle their streaming workflows throughout your mobile or computer by using the software.

Why should you track your construction labor?

You should track your construction labor for some important reasons. Those reasons are given below:

1. Digital labor time tracking and resources allocation:

You need to track your workforce time to complete a project. In addition, you can increase their production volume by tracking their time throughout the software.

By using the app, you can do better resource allocation in a project. Also, you can reduce the risk of the work.

2. Digital labor timekeeping and cost analysis:

You can know employees’ payments and record employees’ attendance easily through the software.

A construction company can get deep and know about the actual cost of a project through the software. As a result, you can analyze the actual cost of a project without any hassle.

3. Performance evaluation and labor law:

You can identify the top performers of a project. Afterward, you will be able to do rankings based on your employees’ performance. It will be very helpful for the growth of your workforce.

Moreover, the tracking construction labor software is designed based on labor laws and regulations. As a result, you will not have the risk of labor law violence because of the software.

8 construction labor tracking software

Here are the most famous 8 construction labor software:

1. Procore:

If you want a comprehensive management sector’s function which includes labor tracking features, then Procore will be the best for you. You can use a free and paid version of the software.

It offers project management, document management, building and tendering, change management, financial management, field management, safety, and quality control, report and analytics, etc.

2. eSUB:

It is a construction project management software that is based on the cloud. Actually, it is paid software. In addition, it is an Android app. The payment for the software is based on your requirement.

The software is specially designed for subcontractors. As a result, you can do your project workflow, communication, and other processes very smoothly.

3. Fieldwire:

If you are looking for software that is designed with labor tracking features with free and paid versions, then you should install the app.

It has some unique features such as Planning view and markups, issue tracking, daily reports, drawing and document linking, and so on. Moreover, the app can take your mobile access.

4. PlanGrid:

PlanGrid is a very popular Android software for the construction sector. Autodesk is the owner of the software.

You can use the free version of the app in a limited way. In addition, you will get lots of features and functions under documentation management, collaboration and management, customer support and training, and so on.

5. ClockShark:

If you want mobile time tracking and make the schedule into construction software, then ClockShark is perfect for you. Based on the number of employees, it will make different pricing plans for you.

You will get some different features such as job budgeting and costing, overtime, and compliance, mobile app, time tracking, and so on in the software.

6. Rhumbix:

The software is specially designed for tracking labor productivity. It only supports the IOS operating system.

You can track labor hours and their production through the app. Additionally, you can get deeply into the project performance. The app is very important to analyze labor productivity.

7. LaborChat:

It is an appropriate Android software for any construction industry. Actually, it is paid software. The most important features of the app are labor tracking features.

You can manage your workforce with scheduling and dispatching. Also, you can manage your employee’s certificate and training requirements through the app.

8. BusyBusy:

BusyBusy app is a mobile tracking app. The software is focused on construction companies. As a result, you can handle your heavy work by using the app.

You will get both free and paid versions. In fact, you are able to take any paid version based on your requirement. Moreover, it will help you to handle your employee time.

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Eventually, the labor tracking software is very well-known in the construction industry. So, construction labor tracking software will help you in every aspect of your work.

In fact, you can make your overall operation effective because of the software. You can utilize your workforce smoothly via the software.

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