How To Get A Software Testing Job Without Experience: Explore Secrets

As our technology is improving day by day, the demand for software testers has increased dramatically. But it does not mean there is any shortage of such workers. In fact, huge numbers of students are graduating in such fields to establish their careers.

However, if you are looking forward to entering this competitive job market and becoming a software tester with no experience, you must be worried about how to compete with experienced ones and find a job.

Do not worry. This article has got your back! Here, you will learn everything you need to know to get software testing jobs with no experience.

Who Is Eligible For Software Testing?

Software Testing needs an understanding of how computer programming works. So to become eligible for software testing, one must have enough knowledge of computer science and programming.

To become such a tester, having a degree in computer science, engineering, or math is very important. However, the most important thing to be eligible for software testing is to have programming skills along with other computer skills.

How Can I Get A Software Testing Job Without Experience?

Below, I have mentioned a few tips that can help you get software tester jobs without experience.

  • Practice testing

Begin practicing with your everyday routines. Start giving attention to the products and applications you use regularly in detail. If you find any error in such products and applications, try to fix the problem. Remember, practice makes a person perfect. So, through such practice, you can become skilled.

  • Learn the basics of software testing

Use your time efficiently to learn more about software testing. There are outstanding resources available for you to learn from. For example, there are various books, online courses, and many more.

You can impress recruiters by having a better understanding of the fundamentals. This is because you can answer them more easily. So, this can increase your chances of getting employed.

  • Achieve certification

If you do not have any experience, having a certification can help you increase your value. It can be a way of showing that you are skilled.

So, rather than wasting your time, start preparing yourself for any certification examination and give it a try. You can try getting ISTQB Foundation Level Certification.

  • Join to uTest

uTest is a platform where you will find a huge tester community along with many learning materials. Here, you have to begin with unpaid work to develop your skills, then you can easily find paying projects. It adds value to your expertise and can be a helpful way to get your first job.

  • Build a network

There are many software testing communities out there. You should always join and follow such communities. Try to communicate with such people and let them know that you are looking forward to working with them. Through such networking, you can get to know about job vacancies, or you might even get help from seniors to get employed.

  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated

Add everything relevant to your LinkedIn profile. If you do not have any experience, add all the relevant courses you have done, certifications you have achieved, and other related information.

Try to make your LinkedIn profile appealing to employers. And most importantly, do not keep your LinkedIn profile private. This is because otherwise many employers will not be able to evaluate your profile.

  • Apply everywhere you can

Apply to as many places as you can. Go through different sites and apply there. You can check online job sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, and many more. Wherever you see any related job vacancy, simply seek out that job without hesitation. You can also try all the entry-level jobs as well.

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How Do I Get My First Job As A Software Tester?

To get your first job as a software tester, it is very important to have an online presence. You can do this by creating a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter account, a personal website, and so on. This makes it easier for recruiters to learn about your skills.

Besides, having an appealing resume is very vital. Make sure you always have your updated resume ready to be submitted.

However, as a fresher, it might be difficult to get manual testing jobs with no experience. But it is advisable, to begin with, an internship. Internships are designed to build experiences, so you can get your first job as a software tester through paid internships. Besides, you can volunteer at any relevant company. Such positions are accessible to everyone, even freshmen.

Which Degree Is Best For Software Testing?

A degree in software engineering is best for software testing. However, there are many other degrees that can also open your door to such testing jobs, for example, a degree in computer science, mathematics, information technology, and so on, can help you get such a job. However, these days most software testers graduate in computer science.

What Skills Does A Software Tester Need?

Below, I have mentioned all the necessary skills needed by a software tester.

  • Communication skills
  • Scientific and logical spirit
  • Project management skills
  • Capability to follow procedures
  • Detailed observation skills
  • Keenness to learn
  • Time management skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Business mapping
  • Adaptability
  • Expertise in automation testing
  • Expertise in programming languages
  • Skills for preparing software tests
  • Understanding of testing tools
  • Agile working methodologies
  • Reporting skills

Which Type Of Software Testing Is In Demand?

Although all types of software testing are relatively in demand, as everything nowadays is based on technology. However, for your convenience, below I have mentioned a few of the most famous software testing trends of recent years.

  • QAOps
  • Scriptless automation testing
  • Big data testing
  • loT testing
  • Al and ML testing
  • Shift-left testing
  • Blockchain testing
  • Cybersecurity testing
  • Agile testing
  • Regression testing

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is software testing easy?

Answer: No, software testing is not easy. Nowadays, these workers need to be very creative in order to recognize glitches in applications and software. Besides, it requires a lot of skills.

Can a non-IT person do software testing?

Answer: Yes, a non-IT person can do QA testing. But you need to educate yourself about software testing through self-education. There are many resources available online, and you can learn from there.


It is undeniably true that getting any software testing job without experience is very difficult. But you need to be persistent in getting such a job without giving up.

And in this article, you have explored many tips that can help you get such a job. Use these techniques and try your level best. Remember, it is hard to get a job as a beginner, but it is not impossible!

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