How To Be A Car Salesman With No Experience? A Complete Career Guideline

As car sales have become a very popular career all over the world, joining in the field of car sales can be a good decision for you. Hence, to some extent, to get into a car salesman, you should have experience.

However, if you have an interest in car sales but haven’t experience, this article will guide you to be a car salesman with no experience.

Can you be a car salesman with no experience?

Yes, you can be a car salesman with no experience. But it is comparatively more difficult than getting a job with experience.

You are going to explore a lot of tips to be a car salesman with no experience. So continue reading.

Is it hard to get a job as a car salesman?

No, getting a job as a car salesman is not so hard. If you have experience in marketing or sales skills, dealers will hire you to sell their cars.

How to become a car salesman with no experience?

Basically, it depends from country to country and brand to brand. But if you want to become a car salesman with no experience in the UK, USA, or other western countries, you have to learn various types of skills.

  • Knowledge about cars

If you are very passionate about being a car salesman with no experience, you have to have expert-level knowledge about cars.

For this reason, you will need to learn about car driving and information about brand-new cars. Sometimes, you will need to compare some models of cars.

  • Marketing skills

To be a care salesman, you need to have sales skills. This is the main weapon of a car salesman by which they attract customers to purchase a car. If you have expert-level marketing skills, employers will hire you though you haven’t any experience in the field of car selling.

  • Formal degree

A bachelor’s degree can help you to get a job more quickly than someone who doesn’t have formal education.
Recruiters would like to choose a candidate who has a bachelor’s degree because educated employees maintain company culture and behaviour properly.

  • Get Trained

If you want to be an expert in any specific field, you must take training to boost your performance for the ultra level. When you have training in related topics of marketing and sales, employers will pick you among others for the job.

  • Networking and Communication

Networking and communication are two very powerful skills in the field of marketing that can help you to be a preferred candidate in the view of recruiters.

Besides, you can manage a job as a car salesman or others very easily by networking and communicating with your nearest one.

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How can I get a car salesman job with no experience?

If you don’t have any experience, you must have some basic sales skills which will help you to get a car salesman job. Top five of them you have already read. Later, you will find some extra information on various skills. Let’s go.

What experience do you need to be a car salesman?

To be a car salesman, you need some common experience to get the job. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Driving experience

To be a car salesman, you must have driving experience with a valid driving license. Maximum employers demand at least 02 years of experience in driving.

  • Previous work experience

Previous work experience in related fields is very important to get the job. When you have at least six months of experience in a related field, employers will choose you for the job.

  • Sales experience

As you will be a salesman, sales experience is mandatory for you. If you hadn’t sold anything in your life, how would you sell a car and why would employers hire you?

What are the benefits of being a car salesman?

Three are several benefits of being a car salesman. Five of them are described here shortly.

  • Salary

The first and most important benefit of being a car salesman is salary. It may vary from four to six digits on the basis of your performance. Popular car brands and car dealers hire car salesmen with a fixed salary to sell their cars.

  • Commission

Most workers would like to be a car salesman for a high rate of commission on the price of the car.
The commission rate varies from brand to brand and country to country. Normally, it is limited from 5% to 30%.

  • Working time

If you can show your performance, as a car salesman, you can enjoy the flexibility of work hours.
Besides, you can get weakened leave regularly to enjoy your time with family and friends. Basically, you will get sufficient time to do your other work.

  • Luxury Car Driving

We all have the dream to drive luxury cars! In the job, as a car salesman, you can achieve this dream very easily.
When you sell a car to customers, you need to drive the car to show them and your dream will be fulfilled automatically.

  • Experience

Experience is a kind of knowledge which we learn through practical work and as a salesman, you can learn these skills from experienced colleagues. After working for some years, when you will have experience, you will be successful in starting a new car sales company of your own.

How do you prepare for a car sales interview?

To prepare for a car sales interview, you have to know about the question types. Generally, interviewers ask three types of questions.

  • General Question

In the interview, you will face general questions like – tell me about yourself, what position you want to achieve within the next four years, why we should hire you, etc.

  • Depth Question

In-depth questions, interviewers will ask about your sales target and the way you will follow to achieve the target.

  • Experience-based question

In this section, they will ask you about your experience, the reason for lifting your previous job and the salaries of your previous job.

How do you succeed in car sales?

If you want to succeed in car sales, you should follow these things in the time of discussion with customers.

  • About Price

Discuss the price at the end of the conversation. If you tell the price at the beginning or in the middle of the conversation, they will lose interest in the conversation.

About Other Dealers

Always you have to show positivity about other dealers and you should never disparage them to your customers.
About Names

Always try to remember the name of your customers and call them by their names. It will make them pleasured and they will try to purchase from you if they can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do car salesmen wear?

Normally, car salesmen wear suits to look formal. Besides, they wear business casual to appear gentle because the outlook helps them to sell cars in a comparatively easier way.

Is selling cars a good career?

Obviously selling cars is a very good career. Though this work is very challenging and hard, it is very profitable and sustainable.


In this era, the car salesman job has become a very popular job all over the world which has a bright career with high salaries.

As the job of a car salesman needs specific skills, you should learn these skills and start working because you already know how to be a car salesman with no experience.

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