How To Become A High School Football Coach? Rules And Regulations

Many people have dreamt about a high school football coach. As it is one of the prestigious occupations so many of you can prepare yourself for a high school football coach.

Having a career in this sector is rewarding and you can easily become a high school football coach if you have enough dedication, hard work, and resilience.

If you find enough passion and love for football, then you can be a high school football coach.

Overall, it is a good profession. So if you would like to be a football coach, then follow this article to know about the salary, job outlook, and how you can be one. 

Is it hard to coach high school football?

It is not so hard if you have enough interest and passion for football. If you love football and always want to see a coach position, then you can be a high school football coach.

Lots of practice, experience, and hard work will help you to make a good coach in football.

How to be a high school football coach?

If you would like to be a football coach at a high school, then you have to do hard work, enlighten yourself with all the factors related to football, and acquire knowledge.

Here some of the steps are given below:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree

Well, a bachelor’s degree isn’t mandatory here, but if you have a bachelor’s degree, it will enhance your career. Bachelor’s degree stands out from the other applicants. To bring an advanced career in this sector, you can do a bachelor’s degree in sports science.

Then you can learn other courses like sports psychology, sports nutrition, sports marketing, and athletic injuries. Knowledge about these factors will enhance your career with more opportunities.

  • Develop your skills

Skills are the most important things which you should have for being a football coach. Game tactics, strategies, and how to operate games are basic things you must have to know. Then, to be a head coach, you have to study sports and increase deep insights into football.

  • Gain experience

There is no other way to be a successful coach with having low experience. So, increase your experience by doing so many volunteering activities. You have to express your knowledge and skills in action so that your skills prove your strength and your capabilities.

Earn a certificate

You have to get a certificate for your success and abilities. It will help you to grow. The National High School Coach Association supports new coaches by assisting them and providing them with certificates. This experience and certificate help you to network and you can easily be a high school coach.

Qualifications for high school football coach

If you want a good career in the football coach sector, then you must advance your qualifications. Some of the qualifications you should acquire. These are:

  • Leadership skill
  • Communication skill
  • Active listening
  • Patient
  • Time management
  • Passionate
  • Observant

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How to become a high school football coach in Florida?

On the basis of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many athletes who hold the position of the head coach of high or middle school and teacher also. 

He teaches other subjects and plays his role as coach. The Florida dept. of Education wants such athletic coaches who hold a certificate of teaching and coaching at a time.

There are four requirements to get a job as a high school football coach. Such as-

  • Complete academic education and training
  • Required teacher certification in any other discipline
  • CRP training and certification
  • Complete the procedure of application

How to become a high school football coach in Texas?

The core system to join a high school football coach is first you have to be a teacher of a core subject like English, math, geography, history, or something else. Then, you have to join the Texas High school Coaches association.

From here you will get the certificate according to your skills and knowledge and then you have to make a perfect resume. After that, the head coach will look over it and then finally he decides who will be the coach for the high school.

How to become a high school football coach in Alabama?

Well, in this state, there are also some rules to joining a high school football coach.

1. Certificate requirements

All coaches must ensure the following certificates:

2. First-time coaches

You have to complete the principles of coaching. Then, the first aid courses in sports need to be completed as well. Then, the coaches need to pass two courses that are required to get a coaching card. Again, candidates must ensure to have NFHS Heat Acclimatization courses.

3. All other coaches

  • Ensure to have star sportsmanship
  • Must have concussion courses
  • CPR certificate is mandatory
  • The certificates of NFHS

How much does a top high school football coach make?

Well a professional football coach of a high school in the US may earn $27,000 to $50,000. According to the experience, skills, and locations the amount of salary can raise.


Many people dream about this job and it comes as a prestigious type of job in the US. However, their salary and job outlook are respectful. So, if you are planning to prepare yourself then you can try.

In this article, you have already got the primary requirements details. Hopefully, this will help you to go ahead with this career path.

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