How To Become a Journalist with No Experience? Effective Tips!

Nowadays, journalism has been a very popular profession, especially among the young generation. For this reason, a lot of people try to join this field having no experience.

If you want to be a journalist with no experience, you have to possess several skills. That will eventually help you to get a job as a journalist. In this journey, this article may help you to succeed. 

How can you be a journalist with no experience?

If you want to enter into the profession of journalism with no experience, you should learn these skills. They will help you to get a job as a journalist. Some of them have been given below. 

  • Institutional education 

If you have institutional education like a bachelor’s degree, you have a lot of possibilities to get a job as a journalist without experience. Employers prefer formal education because it is a large package of knowledge.  

  • Communication skills 

Communication skill is the mandatory skill for all journalists. So, if you would like to be a journalist, you have to be an expert in communication. 

  • Language skills 

As a journalist, you must have language skills. Otherwise, your journey will be difficult. And it will be impossible if you don’t have any experience. 

  • Searching mind

To be a journalist, always you need a searching mind. It is necessary for both types of applicants who have and haven’t experienced it. If you can show your ability with a searching mind, you can get a job without experience. 

  • Verbal communication skill

Verbal communication is very necessary for the field of journalism and if you have skills in oral communication, you can get the job without experience more easily than others. 

  • Written communication skill

Written communication is also a primary skill for journalists. You can get a job in the field of journalism if you can show your expertise in written communication. 

  • Ability to work under pressure

As journalism is a challenging job, almost all the time, you will face various types of pressure. If you can meet pressure smoothly, this skill will help you to manage a job.  

  • The mentality to accept criticism 

The ability to accept criticism is an art and some people are artists in this field. If you can do it, you will be able to create a big acceptance for yourself and your work. 

  • Internship 

A good idea for you can be to do an internship before joining the job because it can help you in the field to have experience. Eventually, it will keep you fast than those who haven’t any experience. 

What qualifications do you need to be a journalist?

If you would like to be a journalist, you need several qualifications. Core three of them have been given below. 

  • Formal Education

Formal education is the first qualification of almost all established media. 

Generally, in the recruitment process, employers demand those applicants who have bachelor’s degrees in journalism, media, communication, and other related subjects. 

  • Language skills

Language skills are mandatory for all candidates who would like to be a job. He/she has to be an expert in his/her working language. 

  • Experience

Employers expect 06 months to 02 years of job experience from the applicants. They normally don’t recruit those employees who haven’t experience and skills. 

Can you be a self-taught journalist?

Yes, you can be a self-taught journalist. For this, you should focus on some skills which will make you a self-taught journalist. These have been discussed below for you. 

  • Fast reading and note taking

If you want to be a self-taught journalist, you have to learn the skill of fast reading and quick note-taking. It is very important because maximum time journalists need to do their work in a very short time. 

  • Editing 

Editing is a very demanded skill in the field of journalism. So, to be a self-taught journalist, you should learn to edit properly. 

  • Communication building 

As a self-taught journalist, you must spread your communication with others so that they can inform you when necessary. Besides, you can collect information easily from them. 

  • Visual Editing 

If you can edit photos, audio, and video properly, you have the chance to be a self-taught journalist. so, you should learn these skills for being a self-taught journalist.

  • Search engine optimization 

Seo is a very highly demanded skill in all sectors all over the world. If you would like to be a self-taught journalist, this skill will help you on a large scale.

How to become a reporter with no experience?

If you are very passionate to be a reporter with no experience, you have to learn and show several skills to the employer. Have a look of these  

  • Expert in information collection

If you are an expert in collecting information from the field, you will be able to be a reporter without experience because this is the main responsibility of a reporter.

  • News processing skill

If you can process the news, you will have a lot of demand and you will have the possibility to be a reporter without experience. 

  • News Presentation skill

As you will work with news, you must present them in a suitable process. For this reason, you should learn news presentation skills.

  • News Writing skill

If you aren’t experienced, you need news writing skills to be a reporter. You can learn this skill by reading the newspaper regularly. As it is a compulsory skill, you must learn this skill before entering this field. 

Is there a difference between a reporter and a journalist?

Yes, there are several differences between a reporter and a journalist. Some critical differences between reporters and journalists are discussed below.

  • Journalists 

Journalists are those people who collect data and information to disseminate in a structured way to aware or inform mass people. 

The main target of journalists is to inform mass people about big events, trends, and various issues to gain their attention.

  • Reporter

Reporters are nothing but a field of journalism that mainly works to gather news and make reports in a structured way.  

Reporters work in a very specific field of journalism like sports, politics, entertainment, or others and they need to be experts in their field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I be a journalist without a degree?

Yes, you can be a journalist without a degree but a degree can help you to be a journalist easily. That means you should take a degree in journalism and other related fields.

Do you need math for journalism?

No, it’s not mandatory at all but obviously, you have to have a basic knowledge of math. Besides, statistics, arithmetic, and some other terms can help to improve your journalism quality. 


If you think that you can be a good journalist, you should start learning some core skills which are very necessary for journalism.

You already have come to know a lot of ways to become a journalist with no experience. Now it’s your turn. If you realize would like to be a journalist, you should follow the discussed instructions.

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