How to Get a Data Science Internship with No Experience? How Can You Make It Happen?

It’s possible to get a data science internship with no experience if you have a passion for this subject and have strong willpower. To get started, try to have a strong grasp of the subjects and prepare yourself for the career by acquiring various skills.

For your understanding, we have covered a few topics which will help you in your data science internship journey. Keep reading to know about how to get a data science internship with no experience!

Can you get a data science internship without experience?

Yes, you can get a data science internship without experience. If you are enthusiastic enough and have a strong grip on your subject, you can start dropping off your CV. When you get called for an interview, give your best. You will surely get one!

How to get a data science internship without experience?

It’s not necessary to have the experience to make your way as a data science intern. However, you need to follow a systematic process to land a good internship. Check this out!

  • Strong Basic

Make sure that you have a solid understanding of the fundamental ideas and abilities needed for a data science career before you start looking for internships. With the severe competition, you must develop a strategy to set yourself apart from the contenders if you want to secure a data science internship.

  • Portfolio

Develop a portfolio containing projects that show off your ability for using data sets in practical settings. These assignments need to demonstrate your capacity for analysis, problem-solving, and persuasive communication of your results.

You can use your own data in case you have access to it or search online for sets of data to work with.

  • Resume

It’s crucial to customize your CV and cover letter to the particular position you’re going for when you’re trying to apply for an internship as a data scientist. You should be capable of learning problem-solving approaches, so you can later list them on your CV. Drop off your resume afterward.

  • Preparation for interview

Research about the firm and the position you are looking for, and prepare answers to typical interview questions. Furthermore, you should be prepared to talk about your project portfolio as well as any significant and relevant courses or self-study you’ve completed.

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  • Create backup

Don’t be upset if you can’t find an internship as a data scientist. You still have other choices available to you. Even if you haven’t gotten there yet, it’s still important to continue learning and developing.

Take into account picking paths that will enable you to develop your abilities and experience. Interning in a relevant field or volunteering your time by working on data science initiatives for a nonprofit organization can help you develop transferable skills.

How to get your first internship in data science

If you are applying for a data science internship for the first time, you have to keep a few things in mind. These tips will surely help you to bag your internship in data science! Go through it!

  • Don’t be late to apply. Because applying in advance of your deadline can help you stand out in the competitive internship market.
  • Apply for several internships.
  • Build a portfolio.
  • Embrace your work and skills
  • Try to build your network.
  • Prepare a letter of recommendation.
  • Polish your cover letter and resume.
  • Make sure to be confident and prepared during the interview.
  • Keep your answer informative and precise instead of being vague.

What is the requirement for a data science internship?

Requirements for a data science internship differ from firm to firm. However, you must possess a few skills which are necessary for a data science internship. Make sure that you possess these!

  • Statistical knowledge

Statistical and probability knowledge are a requirement when applying for an internship in data science. This implies that you should have a fundamental understanding of statistical analysis, including the use of probability theory, likelihood estimators, regression analysis, hypothesis analyses, and distributions.

  • Programming

In order to obtain a data science internship, programming knowledge are also a need. You should be acquainted with at least one of Python or R because they are the two most frequently used languages for data science.

  • Communication

Your communication abilities can make you stand out among other applicants for a data science internship! This is due to the fact that, despite the fact that you are the data expert, you still need to translate your data results into quantitative recommendations for a non-technical team to use as a decision-support tool.

How can a fresher become a data scientist?

If you are a fresher, you know that you are confused about the roadmap of making your career as a data scientist. Follow these simple methods!

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, engineering, computer science, data science, or a similar subject.
  • Establish a data science framework. This can entail performing volunteer work and also engaging in open source or individual projects.
  • Take the GRE test if necessary. Several graduate programs don’t require the GRE.
  • Enroll in a data science postgraduate program.
  • Speak with authorities in your field and finish your internship.
  • To brush up on your expertise, enroll in quick courses, boot camps, or certification programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible for a 2nd-year student to get an internship in data science?

It’s possible for a 2nd-year student to get an internship in data science. However, you need a strong set of soft and hard skills for that. Side by side, you have to work with utmost zeal.

Do data scientist interns get paid?

Yes, data scientist interns get paid. In the US, an intern in data science typically earns $23.03 per hour. With an average hourly wage of $47, the hourly pay rate runs from $41 to $53. The median salary for data science interns is around $24,000, while the top 10% earn $73,000.

Is it possible to get a data science job with no experience?

It is possible to get a data science job with no experience. You need to have a strong basics and a CV. Start applying and be confident during your interview. You will get one.


You all wonder about getting a data science internship with no experience. It is possible to get one as your skills matter a lot. If you have amazingly soft and hard skills, chances are pretty high that you will get a good one. Again, when you will focus on your growth and knowledge, you will reach the peak of success in your data science career.

Hope this article on how to get a data science internship with no experience has helped you!

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